_nought to sixty

Review: Nought to Sixty at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London, 2008 // Supercream Magazine

Is the ’new‘ really the ‚contemporary‘?
No issue seems to be so untimely at our present times like the ‘new’. Most often it becomes associated with utopia, the hope for a new beginning that leaves behind history in favour of a more radical future – the ‘dictate of the new’ might then become as restrictive as it aims to leave behind all restraints. At the same time, an engagement with the contemporaneity of our times is often pronounced as one of the greatest challenge for cultural production in general and specifically for institutional practise – both generative and responsive – around art. Over the past five months the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London delivered a program that had at stake its own foundation: the definition of what is contemporary, what lies at the heart of the Institute of Contemporary Arts. …

Supercream was an online magazine for contemporary art founded in 2007 by artist and curator Catherina Borra.

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